Result Notification of JLPT 2023 (Dec)
  • Result notification of JLPT 2023 (Dec)
    The result of the JLPT 2023 (Dec) has been released online. Certificate and Score Sheet will be available for collect at the assigned place within a specific period. Please refer to details below.
  • Schedule of result collection
    Date Details
    early March 2024 The notification letters of result collection 2023(Dec) will be sent to candidates by post. If it has not been received by 8 March, please contact us
    10 March 2024 (Sun) to
    16 March 2024 (Sat)
    Candidates or *Authorized persons should bring the notification letter to collect the result (10:00am~6:00pm) at our office
    【Result collection for Macau candidates: 11 March - 17 March at CPTTM (Tel:853-2878-1313) 】
    17 March 2024(Sun) to
    8 April 2024 (Mon)
    Result collection service suspended
    9 April 2024 (Tue) to
    15 February 2025 (Sat)
    Result can be collected on every Tuesday or Saturday(10:00am~12:30pm, 1:30pm~6:00pm) BY APPOINTMENT at least 1 working day in advance (telephone or email)
    16 February 2025 (Sun) Uncollected results of JLPT 2023 (Dec) will be destroyed.
    No test report or certificate can be reissued once destroyed.
  • *Result collection
    Candidate should bring along the letter and identification document to collect the result at Society of Japanese Language Education Hong Kong (Sai Wan Ho) within a specific period.
    If candidate authorize a representative, he/she should present:
    1.his/her own ID Card
    2.ID card copy of the candidate (copy of passport for non HK or non Macau resident)
    3.original of the submission slip.
     Please refer to the "notification letter" for details.
  • Retention period of Result
    All results will be kept in our office for about one year. Candidates who are unable to collect their results during the "collection period" may collect their results afterwards by appointment (Please refer to the schedule above). Please note that all uncollected results will be destroyed upon expiry of the retention period. No test report or certificate can be reissued once destroyed.
  • Reissue Result
    Request for reissue of "Certificate of Result and Scores" could be made after retention period. Please apply directly from the offical website: